Getting ready

(This post was migrated from my previous blog. Originally published: 2007-04-17 15:54:17)

Since the real coding is supposed to start on May 28th, I still have some time to read the code, get better understanding of it and prepare necessary tools. Turns out I’m going to use Eclipse along with PyDev extension to write my project, but I may have to buy additional 512 megs of ram to feed this beast. Also, I’ve recently discovered that using two monitors instead of one makes Eclipse much more usable. Finally, all the handynavigators, outliners and consoles don’t take all the space needed for code display:


Another cool tool I’m going to be using a lot is Mercurial distributed SCM. Too bad it doesn’t integrate all that well with Eclipse. 😉

As I’m about to write a XMPP bot, I have to find the best pythonic XMPP library out there. So far, there has been three interesting candidates: Twisted Words, pyxmpp and a new event-driven library SleekXMPP, recommended by Kevin Smith himself. All of these have very sparse docs, though, which is not good news…

On the Moin front, I have to figure out how to glue the code responsible for sending notifications with the current system of actions. The most elegant solution requires implementation of a notification framework, as suggested by Thomas Waldmann, but I’m tempted to leave this for future refactoring, when the bot part is ready. 😉

Just FYI, a step-by-step progress report and feature list is maintained at the project’s page.


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