Planet SoC

(This post was migrated from my previous blog. Originally published: 2007-05-09 18:30:36)

I’ve just registered my blog with Planet SoC, a site which aggregates feeds from blogs of various people related to Summer of Code. Let’s see this post gets picked up. 😉

In the mean time, it’s been decided that xmlrpc will be used for communication between the notification bot and wiki, mainly because MoinMoin already has a working xmlrpc interface, and it’s a well-known protocol, with good support from Python’s standard library.

I’ve also started to work on the jabber bot itself, so expect an update on this subject Soon™. Once it has the basic XMPP-related functionality (messaging, roster, presence) working well, I’ll try to connect it with Wiki, which is the very core of my task.


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