Progress report on Wesnoth for GP2X

(This post was migrated from my previous blog. Originally published: 2007-04-27 22:39:34)

Following some successful changes related to memory usage that I’ve described in the previous post, I’m coming up with more improvements for Wesnoth2x to make it playable. Loading times have been improved significantly by removing all core units and re-adding them in the campaigns that actually use them. Less parsing and less memory used, especially if you consider that a typical campaign doesn’t use more than 1/4th of all defined units. Small campaigns like TB and TSG should now be somehow playable, but I haven’t gotten further than the first scenario.

There are a few more hacks coming up, that should be finished in about one month or so (I’m trying to get it done before coding for Google starts for good, as I expect the work on Wesnoth2x to stall then). One of them, targeting load times and memory usage again, is loading of campaign scenarios on demand (when they are actually to be played). Currently *all* scenarios for a given campaigns have to be loaded first. Another one is what I call a “mouse-less interface”. It should make all UI operations much faster and easier to perform with GP2X’s stick. No more silly mouse emulation, the pointer will move in a discrete way between widgets and/or hexes.

Because of these changes, I’m not going to provide a bare executable this time – please download a full tarball that contains updated data and cache files.


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