Google Highly Open Participation Contest

Today, Google announced its Highly Open Participation Contest, a follow-up to the greatly successful Summer of Code program aimed at pre-university students! This is a pilot edition of a program, which requires students to complete tasks prepared by various open source organizations. In contrary to SoC, however, not all tasks are coding-oriented, so that they can provide a good introduction to the open source world for students, who are not (yet!) programming gurus. 🙂 You can find more detailed information on the project’s FAQ page.

There are prizes for successful students, with a small monetary award for completing at least 3 tasks, and a Grand Prize for the best ones. GHOPC starts today, so don’t miss it!

P.S. spread the word. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Google Highly Open Participation Contest

  1. Cześć.
    Pamiętasz mnie z kanału #wesnoth-pl? Nie studiujesz przypadkiem na wydziale MiI, UŁ? I gdzie na tym blogu jest strona z jakimś kontaktem? E-mail, czy coś w tym stulu?


  2. Hej. Tak, pamietam. Tak, studiuje. Strony z kontaktem faktycznie nie ma, zapomnialem przerzucic informacji z Jabby. Odpowiadam tez mailem na wszelki wypadek. 🙂

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