Python Magazine

Today, I noticed that someone brave has started a serious attempt at publishing a Python Magazine. While I’ve heard the news way back in the past, it’s today that I stumbled across a free, downloadable copy of October edition (login required), decided to give it a try and, oh boy, it’s really nice! As I really like Python very much and wanted to subscribe to some kind of a professional magazine – I decided to buy a year worth subscription of the PDF edition, starting with the December issue. It’s way better than most of the stuff that I can find published in Polish.


3 thoughts on “Python Magazine

  1. Expensive? That’s about 150PLN/year for the PDF edition. That’s 12.50 PLN / issue – waaaay lower than anything you can get here (Linux magazines in Poland tend to cost 20-30PLN, no?)

  2. If you think about a paper-back edition – that would be nice. But 150PLN for PDF edition, where most of the costs (printing, publishing etc.) are gone? that a little to high. But still – I’m paying for the stupid php Solution magazine subscription so you can count me as a stupid person 😉

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