“Wesnoth” in Google Summer of Code 2008

This is already old news, but Google Summer of Code 2008 is underway and this year “Battle for Wesnoth” is a mentoring organization as well! This is very exciting to everyone of us and I really can’t wait to see what project students will be able to come up with this year. The number of slots isn’t known yet, but we hope to get at least 3 projects rolling…

There’s some development on the AI front waiting to happen, mainly around the newly integrated (trunk only) Formula AI branch – an attempt to create a domain-specific functional programming language, that would enable content developers to tweak AI behavior in many new, interesting ways. Another project could be teaching the AI the most efficient opening moves for the set of standard multiplayer maps, similar to what chess programs have been doing.

Other possible developments include reimplementation of the statistics gathering engine (old one written by Rusty Russel is available at http://stats.wesnoth.org) and creation of a fully-fledged campaign editor – either as a stand alone application or integrated with the editor as it is now.

All of this makes me really anxious to see how much work will get sponsored by Google, especially since a number of students have already got quite involved with the project.


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